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Playlist additions:

Emphsis - Soul Transfer

New Release Additions:

Leah - The Quest
Aonia - The Seven
Crystal Viper - At the Edge of Time EP
Elysian Divide - Face Behind the Mask
Mask Of Judas - The Mesmerist

Milady Metal Fest FemME 2018 Quinphonic Fest 7
Fests - June, July, Aug. & Sept.

Kobra and the Lotus
U.S. - Jun.

N.A. - Jun.

Seven Spires
N.A. - June

Immortal Bird
N.A. - June

Europe - Jun., July & Aug.

N.A. West Coast - July

Witch Mountain
N.A. - Jul. & Aug.

Cellar Darling
Japan - Aug.

N.A. Midwest - Aug.

Sleeping Romance
Europe - Sept.

Cellar Darling
Select N.A. Cities - Sept. 

Arch Enemy
N.A. - Oct. 

Europe - Oct.

Van Canto
Europe - Sept., Oct. & Nov.

Europe - Oct. & Nov.

Within Temptation
Europe & Russia - Oct., Nov. & Dec.

Europe - Nov.

Europe - Nov. & Dec.
Concert Listings
Track History
Arkona - Khram
(Napalm Records)

Eynomia - Break Free
Meden Agan - Catharsis
(No Remorse Records)
Leaves' Eyes -  Sign of the Dragonhead
(AFM Records)
69 Chambers - Machine
(Massacre Records)
Update Spotlight
Visions Of Atlantis - The Deep & The Dark
(Napalm Records)
Apparition - The Awakening
(Wormholedeath Records)
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Lovelorn Dolls - Darker Ages

Deathless Legacy - Rituals of Black Magic
Therion - Beloved Antichrist
(Nuclear Blast Records)
Nocean - Diamond
(Rambo Music/Sony Music)

Alcyona - Trailblazer

Break Me Down - Resilience (digital EP)
Frozen Crown  - The Fallen King
(Scarlet Records & Marquee / AVALON)
Witchcryer - Cry Witch
(Ripple Music)
Master Sword - Shadow and Steel

Unshine - Astrala
Rexoria - Queen Of Light
(Pride and Joy Music)

Ostura - The Room
Afterlife Symphony - Lympha
(Revalve Records)

Eleine - Until the End
King Witch - Under the Mountain
(Listenable Records)
Dark Sarah - The Golden Moth
(Inner Wound Recordings)

ShadowRise - ShadowRise

The Love & Lost - Bring Me Down (mini CD)

The Fall Of Eve - Nevermore
Emphasis - Soul Transfer
(Red Rivet Records)
Temperance - Of Jupiter and Moons
(Scarlet Records)

Walk In Darkness - Welcome to the New World
Kobra and the Lotus - Prevail II
(Napalm Records)
Whyzdom - As Time Turns To Dust
(Scarlet Records)

Last Days of Eden - Chrysalis

NMK - Ravenous Spectre
Midtattsol - The Aftermath
(Napalm Records)

Crownless - Confines Of Silence
Oceans Of Slumber - The Banished Heart
(Century Media)

Stormwolf - Howling Wrath
Lenore S. Fingers - All Things Lost On Earth
(My Kingdom Music)

Horizons Edge - Heavenly Realms

Hexed - Netherworld
Collibus - Trusting the Illusion
(No Dust Records)

April Weeps - Comma
Tyranny Of Hours - Darkling
(InVellum Productions)
Season Of Ghosts - A Leap Of Faith
(Coroner Records)
Imperial Age - The Legacy Of Atlantis

Neophobia - Monstermind
Izegrim - Beheaded By Trust
(Listenable Records)
Demon Incarnate - Key Of Solomon
(FDA Records)
Dream Ocean - Lost Love Symphony
(Painted Bass Records)
Omit - Medusa Truth Part 2
(Secret Quarters Records)
Alight - Spiral Of Silence
(El Puerto Records)
Chaostar - The Undivided Light
(Season Of Mist)
Spiral Skies - Blues For A Dying Planet
(AOP Records)

Adavant - The Unyielding

Phantom Elite - Wasteland
Asphodelia - Welcome Apocalypse
(Mighty Music)

Aeonian Sorow - Into the Eternity A Moment We Are
Trillium - Tectonic
Elvellon - Until Dawn
(Reaper Entertainment Europe)
Graveshadow - Ambition's Price
(M-Theory Audio)

Lyria - Immersion

Frayle - The White Witch EP
Sojourner - The Shadowed Road
(Avantgarde Music)
Evolucija - Hunt
(Pure Steel Records)
A Sound Of Thunder - It Was Metal
(Mad Neptune Records)
Follow the Cipher - Follow the Cipher
(Nuclear Blast Records)

Upon Revival - Epiphany EP

Black Plague - Existence EP

Hazen - This House
Kantica - Reborn In Aesthetics
(Revalve Records)
Evil Drive - Ragemaker
(Reaper Entertainment Europe)
Alwaid - The Machine and the Beast
(Valkyrie Rising)
Light This City - Terminal Bloom
(Prosthetic Records  Creator-Destructor Records)
Blackthorn - Evocation EP
(Ravenheart Records/Hunter's Moon Records)
Emphasis - Soul Transfer
(Red Rivet Records)
Leah - The Quest
(Ex Cathedra Records)
Aonia - The Seven
Temtris - Rapture
(The End Records)
Crystal Viper - At the Edge of Time EP
(AFM Records)

Elysian Divide - Face Behind the Mask

Mask Of Judas - The Mesmerist