Benedictum - Obey
Sleeping Romance - Enlighten
(Ulterium Records)
Elegy of Madness - Brave Dreams
(Wormholedeath/ Aural Music Group/ Warner Chappel)
Xandria - Sacrificium
(Napalm Records)
Within Temptation - Hydra
(Within Temptation Recordings)
Lenore S Fingers - Inner Tales
(My Kingdom Music)
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Crystal Viper - Possession
(AFM Records / Spiritual Beast Records)
Van Canto - Dawn of the Brave
(Napalm Records)
Lacuna Coil - Broken Crown Halo
(Century Media)
Delain - The Human Contradiction
(Napalm Records)
Savn - Savn
(CDR Records)
Arkona - Yav
(Napalm Records)
Nervosa Thrash - Victim Of Yourself
(Napalm Records)
Sanctorium - The Depths Inside
Stream of Passion - A War Of Our Own
(Napalm Records)
Suncrown - You Are Not Alone
Revontulet - Hear Me
(Arcus Records)
Ideal Zero - In Perfect Darkness
BabyMetal - 1st Album
HDK - Serenades of the Netherworld
(Season Of Mist)
Amberian Dawn - Magic Forest
(Napalm Records)
Anathema - Distant Satellites
Arch Enemy - War Eternal
(Century Media - Trooper Entertainment)
Whispers in the Shadow - Beyond the Cycles Of Time (Solar Lodge/Al!ve)
Elysion - Someplace Better
(Massacre Records)
Ravenscry - The Attraction Of Opposites
( - Revalve Records)
Edenian - Rise of the Nephilim
(Great Mix Studios)
Last Days of Eden - Paradise
Edenfall - Under Sultry Moons and Velvet Skies
(Ravenheart Music)
Amazon - Rise!
Kalidia - Lies' Device
Deadlock - The Re-Arrival
(Napalm Records)
Zephgra - Mental Abslution
Cloud Atlas - Beyond the Vale
Lapis Lazuli - The Downfall of Humanity
Midnight Sorrow - At First
Heliosaga - Towers in the Distance
The Birthday Massacre - Superstition
(Metropolis Records)
Head Phones President - Disillusion
Diskelion - Remember Sorrow
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The Finale - Resilenced
A.D.D. - Core
(DZA Records (US) / Femme Metal Records (UK)
hAND - Kintsugi
(Brutal Elite Records)
Lyriel - Skin and Bones
(AFM Records)
Voices Of Destiny - Crisis Cult
(Massacre Records)
Edge Of Paradise - Immortal Waltz
In This Moment - Black Widow
(Atlantic Records)
Aria Flame - A World Of Silence
Aurin - Catharsis
(Pavement Entertainment / Sony RED / Plastic Head)
Coronatus - Cantus Lucidus
(Massacre Records)
Sister Sin - Black Lotus
(Victory Records)
Unseelie - Urban Fantasy
Meden Agan - Lacrima Dei
(No Regrets Records)
Ideogram - Life Mimics Theatre
(WormHoleDeath Productions
Purple Nail - Embrace the Dark
Forever Still - Scars
Diabulus In Musica - Argia
(Napalm Records)
Kowai - Dissonance
Epica - The Quantum Enigma
(Nuclear Blast Records)
Seventh Sin - When Reality Ends
Phosphene - Any Last Words
The Pretty Reckless - Going To Hell
(Razor & Tie)
November-7 - Awaraxid 7mg
(Daily Rock Records)
Evenoire - Herons
(Scarlet Records)
Ancient Bards - A New Dawn Ending
(Limb Music / Spiritual Beast)
Enemy Of Reality - Rejected Gods
Kobra and the Lotus - High Priestess
Winter In Eden - Court of Consicence
Quietus - The Technocracy
White Empress - Rise of the Empress
EnkElination - Tears Of Lust
Amaranthe - Massive Addictive
Aniday - Aniday
A Sound Of Thunder - The Lesser Key Of Solomon
(Mad Neptune Records)
Triosphere - The Heart Of The Matter
(AFM, FaceFront and Spiritual Beast)
Kingfisher Sky - Arms Of Morpheus
(Surburban Records)
Cadaveria - Silence
(Scarlet Records)
My Black Light - Are You A Liar?
(Massacre Records)
Liv Kristine - Vervain
(Black Rose Productions, Napalm Records)
Plague Of Start - When Morning Came
(Zerobudget Records)
From Light Rose the Angels EP