LEAH - Kings & Queens
(Ex Cathedra Records)
Karnataka - Secrest Of Angels
(Immrama Records)
Evyltyde - Evyltyde
(BME Music)
Anaria - Seasons of the Mind Vol. 1 Inception
A.D.D. - Core
(Pavement Entertainment)
Leaves' Eyes - King Of Kings
(Napalm Records)
Draconian - Sovran
(Napalm Records)
Nightwish - Endless Forms Most Beautiful
(Nuclear Blast Entertainment)
Worhol - The Awakening
Unleash the Archers - Time Stands Still
(Napalm Records)
The Agonist - Eye Of Providence
(Century Media Records)
Battle Beast - Unholy Saviour
(Warner Music Finland / Nuclear Blast Europe)
Dark Sarah - Behind the Veil
Sirenia - The Seventh Life Path
(Napalm Records)
Temperance - Limitless
(Scarlet Records)
Whyzdom - Symphony For A Hopeless God
(Scarlet Records)
Mercy Isle - Storm EP
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Free Counters
Free Counters
Lindsay Schoolcraft - Vocals and Keys
Cradle Of Filth - Hammer Of The Witches