Featuring Classic Female Fronted Metal & Hard Rock!
Welcome to Femmetal Classics Online!

   Here you'll find songs from many of the bands and singers from the past that were the seeds to a revolution in female fronted metal and hard rock, many of which are still performing today!

     Grindcore, hard rock, death, symphonic, gothic, doom and many more genre are represented here. Hang on while we go 10 years back and beyond to the mid 80's, and listen to the bands and their singers setting the path for the current explosion of female fronted metal and hard rock that we have today!

     Plus, you'll find albums highlighted from classic releases with a selected song from them playing approximately once every hour. 

     If you're looking to listen to the roots of some of your favorite bands or perhaps searching for something new that's old, look no further!

Click the player above and give it a listen....
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Playlist Update!
2013 Releases!
Here are just some of the great releases from ten years ago with even more to be uploaded here on Femmetal Classics in the coming months! These ten will be featured with two random song selections played every hour!
Amaranthe - Nexus
Trail Of Tears - Oscillation
Otep - Hydra
Eleanor - Breathe Life Into The Essence
Azylya - Sweet Cerebral Destruction
Ivalys - Lumen
Poetica - Somnus Tormentum
Visions Of Atlantis - Ethera
Sad Alice Said - Yesterday's
Seduce The Heaven - Field Of Dreams
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